Yep, Another Nicholas Sparks Movie

by Alanna Bennett

Every year's got a quota for a tormented love story set in a picturesque small town. Last February saw the release of Endless Love, and this February will gift us with The Best Of Me , the latest from the Nicholas Sparks conveyor belt. But really, Nicholas Sparks, did you have to drag James Marsden down with you?

Yeah, the second trailer for this movie seems to prove what instinct has already told the masses: This is Sparks-brand generic all the way. On the plus side, the premise might thrill some Dawson's Creek fans — it's perfectly (thought likely inadvertently) made to function as a sort of Dawson's Creek fanfic, down to that idyllic small town and the fact that the main dude's name is Dawson.

You can probably guess the gist without even pressing play: First love! Torn asunder! Reunited twenty years later when they're both hotter, more mature, and have been pining for decades. Drama ensues. Etc. This movie probably isn't going to make James Marsden the next Ryan Gosling, but it probably won't hurt him either. All in all, this entire endeavor seems pretty benign. At least some folks will probably get a good cry from it?

Image: Relativity Media