Nikki Reed & Ian Somerhalder Would Be a Great Double Date Pair for You & Your Boo

Attractive people Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed have been holding hands and doing other couple-y things a lot and man is the Internet excited. Probably because, as previously stated, they are attractive people who also happen to be famous and nothing sets the Internet on fire quite like beautiful, famous people being beautiful and famous together. Although Somerhalder and Reed took the PDA Express to the Teen Choice Awards this weekend to hang out with other famouses, perhaps the most alluring aspect of their relationship is how incredibly normal they make it look.

Let's see how much Hollywood's most vamp-tastic couple has in common with you and that guy you boringly met standing at line the bank (the most boring of all bureaucratic institutions — but I'm still soooo happy for you guys), shall we?


Yup, they took a boring old jaunt around the neighborhood. Anyone can go for a walk! I've probably gone for a walk with every single boyfriend I've ever had. And the best part is that Somerhalder and Reed probably arrived at the decision to go for a walk just like us normal people. I bet Reed was all, "Hey whatcha wanna do?" and Somerhalder probably suggested they watch some Netflix but then Reed reminded him that they totally finished Season 3 of New Girl last night and Season 4 isn't up yet (stupid Netflix). Then they probably said "I don't know — what do you want to do?" to each other at least eight times before Reed was like, "I guess we could go on a walk," and Somerhalder shrugged and said "Sure, whatever." (Read: true love.)


Reed and Somerhalder keep it pretty casual. Us normal people aren't the only ones who mutual decide we're at the point in our relationships when we can totally just wear sweatpants when we go out. Admittedly, this move is a little more ballsy coming from Somerhalder and Reed, whose every coffee run is stalked by paparazzi. The rest of us only have to worry about running into that super annoying chick we went to high school with.


Nothing says "just your typical couple" quite like shopping for local produce. In my own personal version of this, Somerhalder bought Reed a peach and said "a peach for my peach," and Reed didn't even call him out on how totally lame that is because she likes him soooo much.


Somerhalder announced his and Reed's new addition on his Instagram page. All I have to do is replace "gleaming stallion that probably cost thousands of dollars" with "a goldfish my boyfriend won for me at the county fair" and the stories are basically interchangeable. I just hope Eagle (the confusing name Somerhalder gave to the horse) is of heartier stock than my little guy (R.I.P. Sushi, you'll swim forever in my heart).


You know how awkward it was when you broke up with that guy from work and then you both happened to be the first ones to the conference room the next morning and it was the worst two minutes of your life? Somerhalder does too! The Vampire Diaries might be on hiatus, but Somerhalder is still seeing plenty of his ex Nina Dobrev — most recently at a Comic Con after party.

Celebrities — they really are just like us, guys.

Image: Ian Somerhalder/Instagram