5 Reasons 'N Sync's "Here We Go" Is a Classic Pop Song, No Matter What Lance Bass Says

When ’N Sync’s greatest hits album dirty popped up on the ‘net back in July, both fans and the boy band were caught unawares. And though Essential ’N SYNC was released by Sony/Legacy sans warning, the album sales still went gangbusters. Never underestimate a boy band's fan base, no matter how much time has gone by. In a recent interview with Billboard, Lance Bass spoke about the successful surprise album, how he and his former bandmates feel about Essential 'N SYNC, and whether or not an ’N Sync reunion is in the tea leaves.

Bass also revealed that if he were given the option to cut a song from the Essential 'N SYNC track list, he'd choose to omit [deep breath] “Here We Go." SHOTS FIRED. If I thought the Essential ’N SYNC release was a surprise, Bass’s haterade for the third track from the boy band's self-titled debut album left me slack-jawed and reeling.

I was. Not. Ready. For. That. Answer.

How can he feel anything but love for “Here We Go,” aka The Song That Reminds Us That ’N Sync Has Got The Flow?

Bass told Billboard that the song "has always bothered me" and is “dated.” If by "dated" you mean "classic and perfect." I…um… okay. Sigh.

Am I allowed to disagree with Bass regarding this 'N Sync-y matter? Is that sacrilegious? Does his opinion trump mine? Sigh, again. If my love for "Here We Go" is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Why do I feel so strongly about this song? Let me count the ways! Hey, Mario? You ready?

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It's The Unofficial 'N Sync Anthem

"'N Sync" is uttered nine times throughout the song, therefore rendering it the 'N Sync-iest 'N Sync song. I know "Bye, Bye, Bye" and "It's Gonna Be Me" were way bigger hits, but if 'N Sync were a country, "Here We Go" would be its national anthem.

“'N Sync is here to make you people scream”

This is one of the greatest, wisest, and most Nostradamus-y ’N Sync lyrics. "Here We Go" was recorded long before the five dudes became famous enough to have marionettes made in their likeness, but it was as if they (and the songwriters) could see the hordes of wailing fans in their collective mind's eye. They knew what power they would soon wield.

The danceability factor


This song is very easy to dance to. As a matter of fact, it demands that you dance to it. You can't listen to it without doing The Running Man.

It’s a terrific way to start a party/road trip/greatest hits album

Don't give me that look like you aren't tempted to kick off every mixtape ever with "Here We Go."

The music video

Why yes, I have tossed on my YMCA basketball jersey and danced along with the music video.

I am what I am.

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