Benedict Cumberbatch Is Now Literally An Otter

It's happened. We've waited so long, and it's finally happened: Benedict Cumberbatch and the otters have joined forces. Or, rather, someone finally thought to name an otter Benedict Cumberbatch and tell the Internet about it. We've waited too long for this day.

This revelation comes via an aquarium in Chattanooga who knows what's up. Or, rather, their Facebook followers know what's up: They put the naming of seven otters up to public decision and, as fate would have it, the populace demanded a Benedict Cumberbatch otter. According to Tennessee Aquarium's official Facebook, this is what the otter version of Benedict Cumberbatch is like:

Physical Description: Darkest coat of the group Personality Profile: This otter scampers, wrestles and swims but does not climb. Always first in line at feeding time, he often vocalizes around food.

The comments asking what this otter should be named are varied, but can be summed up with the following:

  • Benedict
  • Benedict!
  • Sherlock
  • Petey

Understandable, Benedict won. Now, on top of a wax figure, Benedict Cumberbatch has a little otter friend operating as his namesake. This has long been fated: One of the first things that launched Cumberbatch into meme territory was denizens of the web comparing him to otters. It even got mentioned in New York Times Magazine.

*Otters pictured above are not Benedict Cumberbatch.