'Teen Wolf' Hasn't Revealed Much About Her Mom

by Keertana Sastry

Ok, enough is enough. There are just too many twists and turns happening so far in Season 4 of Teen Wolf . From the mysterious big bad The Benefactor to Derek losing his powers to Kate Argent's supernatural reemergence, I honestly don't know how much more I can follow properly. And now the show has decided to reveal that Peter is seeking the identity of Malia's real mother. Malia's mother was not the woman who was killed in a car accident as believed by the authorities in Season 3 when Malia was discovered, she's actually a woman whom Peter does not remember thanks to his memories of her being stolen from him by his sister (and Derek's mother) Talia. So who is this mysterious woman and why would Talia want her memory erased?

Well we obviously won't be given her identity that quickly, this is Teen Wolf and nothing ever comes that easy, but we do have a little bit of information about her and the journey to find her so far. Apparently the only name Peter knows her by as of now is "The Desert Wolf." Malia gets this information from Peter when she goes to his safe and confronts him about their genetic connection. And while Peter doesn't understand what the mysterious mom's codename could be, Malia gets it right away: "Desert Wolf" is a coyote.

Of course Malia would understand the reference, after all she is a werecoyote herself. But her mother being a werecoyote isn't really a shock for that very reason, and it doesn't seem to provide us with any extra information about who she is and where she could be at the moment.

There's another persistent thought running through my head about this whole Malia/mystery mom/Peter storyline. If Talia took away Peter's memories of his former lover/Malia's mom, does that mean Malia's mom also doesn't have her memories of the encounter? Or did Talia take away Peter's memories for Malia's mom's safety? Considering what we know about Peter's personality, his desires, and his past evil actions, it seems like the latter is the most obvious theory to believe. But who knows? Maybe Malia's lineage is even more dangerous than we can fathom.

Images: MTV; teenwolf/Tumblr