Anthony Weiner Lets Word Slip That Huma Abedin Is Contributing to Hillary Clinton's 2016 Campaign

You know that totally non existent Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign that absolutely no one, not a soul in the political sphere has been talking about? Right. Well, during BuzzFeed Brews Monday night, during which Anthony Weiner was the guest on tap, the New York City mayoral candidate suggested wife Huma Abedin already fits into the picture of that yet-to-be-established Clinton 2016 campaign.

When asked if he knows what role Abedin would play in Clinton's 2016 campaign, Weiner responded, “I do. I’m not telling you.”

Oh, Anthony — keeping alive your reputation as a tease.

The New York Post reports that Philippe Reines, Clinton’s spokesman, later said he had “no clue” what Weiner was referencing.