'Portlandia' Renewed for Two Seasons, Meaning Fred Armisen Has a Future After All

Part of me was hoping Fred Armisen would fail to cement back-up plans after leaving Saturday Night Live so he could start a career as Ian Rubbish, the Margaret Thatcher-loving punk rocker who was introduced way too late into the comedian's run on the sketch comedy series. Still, it's good to see that IFC is receptive to the buzz on its own network for Armisen's comedy series with Carrie Brownstein, Portlandia.

The series, which parodies the Pacific Northwest in the '90s, has been renewed for two seasons, meaning Armisen will in fact maintain a steady career until at least 2016.

Indeed, the show has been a win for the comedian, who spent much of his SNL career being ridiculed for his flawed Barack Obama impersonation and playing second fiddle the the likes of the beloved Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader. Armisen, however, has earned raves on Portlandia, which specializes in delivering oddball sketches like this:

Bernardo Costa on YouTube

Hader, your move.

Image: IFC