She's 'Mindy's Mrs. Castellano

What happens after the big kiss? Well, you meet the parents. We learned in July that The Mindy Project Season 3 will introduce Danny Castellano's mother and now we know exactly who will play her. TVLine reported on July 22 that Emmy-winner Rhea Perlman will play Annette Castellano in a recurring role in Season 3. And, Bustle learned exclusively from Mindy star Xosha Roquemore that Perlman will appear in the early part of Season 3. "We just had a table read and she is HA-lari-ous," Roquemore says of Perlman as Danny's mom and I can't say I'm surprised.

The FOX comedy series already introduced us to Danny's estranged father, but his mother will take center stage in Season 3 and fans are going to love it, Roquemore reveals. "We're going to be looking forward to that episode. She was really good and really funny. So that's going to be a fun, cool dynamic," the actress says of Perlman's introduction at the beginning of the season.

Mindy will "be digging into the depths of Mindy and Danny's relationship. You know, meeting the parents," Roquemore says, "There are so many thing that can happen with couples in relationships. There are so many potential storylines at home and in the office." At least Mindy fans can rest easily until Season 3 premieres knowing that our favorite couple is moving forward without a hitch and, apparently, taking the plunge into meeting the parents.

So, how will Mindy's introduction to Mrs. Castellano go? Roquemore can't really say, but she reassures me that "his mom is a really hilarious character and I can't wait for people to see that because Rhea really crushed it. She is awesome."

Hopefully it doesn't go something like this:

Image: Wifflegif