Robin Williams' Description of Heaven on 'Inside the Actor's Studio' Is Beautiful — VIDEO

If you've ever caught an episode of Inside The Actor's Studio, you know that Lipton's interviews, while seemingly upbeat and comfortable are, in many instances, exceptionally intimate and thought provoking. For instance, how he often asks his guests about their thoughts on Heaven. Yes, many people who grace his stage are atheists, but somehow that glaring fact never stops the actors from revealing something unknowingly telling about their own character. So, when posing the question, "If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?," back when Williams filmed the show in 2011, Lipton had Robin Williams say what he thought Heaven was like.

"It's just nice to know that if Heaven exists that there's laughter," Williams answered more seriously after chiding with Lipton and the audience over getting "seats at the front" and getting to meet greats like Mozart and Elvis. Even after Williams' staying response, he followed it up with a lighthearted joke. But his true answer, in the midst of the humor, "laughter" is what resonates so deeply with me, and I'm sure, for most anyone who catches that brief moment of earnestness. Ironically, Williams was unaware that he was giving us little glimpses of that supposed Heaven all throughout his career. By making us laugh, and not only laugh, but feel as he felt — deeply.

If one things for sure, if Heaven does exist, Williams is there and the laughter is undeniably plentiful.

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