Bruce Jenner Without the Kardashians Is Glorious

The Internet is here to ask the good questions. The ones that make you think. And so it is that the Internet has delivered the answer to an age old question: What would Keeping Up With the Kardashians be if it was just Bruce Jenner, with no Kardashians in sight? The answer: Super surreal and kind of worrying.

There are two options for a video like this. The first is that it's just what Bruce Jenner's life would be like if he wasn't so inextricably linked to the Kardashian brood and was free to live his own life as he pleased. That life would probably involve lots of toy helicopters and a truly ridiculous amount of time at golf courses.

The other option is the more surrealist, entertaining option — and it involves Bruce Jenner hallucinating the Kardashians when they definitely don't exist (or maybe they've been raptured?), going about his day-to-day as if they're still there. "Where are we gonna put Kim and Kanye's stuff??" Bruce rails to no one. "You're very strong, so I've kind of backed off," Bruce explains... to no one.

Jenner is an interesting figure in the Kardashian family, to say the least. He is, to put it lightly, incongruous with the glamazon dominance of the rest of them. But Jenner as a lone wolf is pretty off-putting, too. See for yourself.

Image: E!