Taylor Swift & Lorde Cook Together, Literally

by Sofia Barrett-Ibarria

Taylor Swift is known for being a grandma-at-heart. A longtime lover of cats, baked goods, and the simple things in life, Swift has never been shy about proclaiming her love for the grandma lifestyle via Instagram. It seems she's been hanging around Martha's Vineyard a lot and spending some quality time with Ina Garten, and she's really embracing the whole "sexy, rich grandma" aesthetic. She'll bake you cookies and whatnot, but she's not a regular grandma. She's a "cool" grandma. It's no surprise, then, that Taylor Swift and fellow old soul/secret grandma Lorde are friends. On Monday, Swift shared she and Lorde's latest friendship moment: the two took a cooking class together, and it was grandma-chic at its finest. I kind of wish they could both be in their eighties and be sassy, monied grandmas together.

Not only is cooking a fun bonding activity, but it's a great way to get to know someone and see how they function under stress. And in the presence of food. How do they cook? What do they make? Is it any good? This is what can make or break a friendship, people, especially when we're dealing with future kitchen diva Taylor Swift. So what happens when you get these two very different best friends in a kitchen together? This is what I imagine:

They probably talk about boys

A lot. Boy drama is one thing they do have in common.

They probably rock out and have kitchen sing alongs and dance-offs

It's probably amazing.

They might even decide they have enough material to produce a brand-new concept album together

It could happen.

Things might get a little silly

They might even forget the whole cooking thing and decide they want a beach day instead.

Maybe Taylor Swift's other friends get jealous that she has a new cooking buddy

"NO NEW FRIENDS"-Taylor Swift's old friends.

Maybe even her cat starts to feel kind of left out


Maybe they get in arguments because Lorde is like, "BAGELS"

And Taylor Swift is like, "No, COOKIES!"

But then they decide to make both

Because bagels and cookies make everything better.

Sometimes Taylor Swift might get an attitude because she's besties with Ina Garten

And then Lorde is all, "Whatever, I'm the face of MAC, so..."

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But then she bakes Lorde a friendship pie

And then they're back to being friends again.

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