Ryan Adams' "Gimme Something Good" Video Has an Unusual Guest Star — VIDEO

Alternative country singer-songwriter (and husband of Mandy Moore) Ryan Adams has released the video for "Gimme Something Good," the single from his forthcoming 14th album called Ryan Adams. The video for "Gimme Something Good" is directed by Michael Reich and ostensibly takes place in a haunted house.

The images go back and forth from shoddy VHS quality to HD, from black-and-white to color. The shots go back and forth as well: from the singing Adams to the buxom queen of darkness herself, Elvira. That is to say, there is a lot of cleavage in this video. And while Elvira's presence is never unwelcome, her appearance makes the video hover somewhere between creepy and campy. It's clear that Elvira is supposed to be haunting Adams, but the brazen horror queen is anything but ghostly and ethereal. Either way, Adams and Elvira are pretty much all you see. That, and copious shots of white roses and candelabras.

The video may be a little bizarre, but it certainly isn't boring. The effect comes off as a Harlequin romance movie shot in Disney's Haunted Mansion. So is it goofy or seductive? Over-the-top or right on point? Go ahead, watch the video and answer for yourself.