13 Cute Planners To Make You Look Organized

As you may have heard before, one of the major keys to a happy and healthy life is staying organized. Even though I dispute this theory and like to think that it is more about chocolate and less about keeping all my socks in the same drawer, I still have to acknowledge benefits of leading a well-organized life. Generally speaking, when you have a plan (and record it) for the next day or the next month, you're more likely to succeed (and that includes plans to work out, go to meetings, go shopping, and/or take over the world). And if all of that means I have to schedule my life in a cute notebook, well, I'm definitely not complaining.

Some use their journals to schedule spin classes and client meetings, and others use their agendas/planners to remind them to not eat the entire container of Ben & Jerry's in one day (me) or to watch Game of Thrones on a certain night (also me). Whatever you use your journal for, it's bound to be at least minimally helpful.

And besides, the most positive aspect of having a cute agenda is that even if your life is a total wreck, and nothing you schedule inside your planner actually helps you in any way, people will still think you're organized and efficient. And isn't that what life is all about, really?

1. Kate Spade Polka Dots

Like I always say, polka dots are pretty much the answer to everything.

Set the Stage 17-Month Agenda, $36, Kate Spade

2. Kate Spade Book Shelves

The best thing about the Kate Spade planners and agendas is that they have a fun quote (more like a piece of advice) at the beginning of every month. And come on, I see you all pinning those inspirational quotes on Pinterest. What girl doesn't like a good quote?

Set the Stage 17-Month Agenda, $36, Kate Spade

2. Ban.Do "I Am Very Busy"

Hint: Look for this journal on eBay and Amazon if it's sold out when you're shopping (it's ridiculously popular).

2015 Ban.Do 17-Month Agenda, $20, Shop Bando

3. "Quit Slackin..."

Well, the cover kind of speaks for itself, don't you think?

2014-2015 12-Month Academic Planner, $25, Etsy

4. "Though She Be Little..."

Little and fierce. The Justin Bieber of planners, if you will. But in a positive way.

2014-2015 12-Month Academic Planner, $25, Etsy

5. "What Would Beyoncé Do?"

What better way to plan your life than with Beyoncé in mind?

What Would Beyonce Do? 2014-2015 Academic Calendar, $22, Etsy

6. Lily Pulitzer

If florals are your thing, I think I have found you a winner.

Large Agenda, $28, Lily Pulitzer

7. Sarah Pinto

Simple, cute, and pink. A girl can't complain.

2014-15 Academic Planner, $20, Sarah Pinto

8. Moleskine

You really just can't go wrong with Moleskine.

Le Petit Prince 2015 12-Month Limited-Edition Weekly Planner, $20, MoleSkine

9. Floral Agenda

More flowers! Something about florals and organization just works, I guess.

2014 September to 2015 September Weekly Planner, $24, Etsy

10. Emily Ley

You can purchase one of these bad boys as of September 3, and they allow you to plan your days down to the hour, so it's safe to say that you'd be the most organized of them all with this agenda.

The Simplified Planner Daily Edition, $58, Emily Ley

11. The Monthly Planner

Striped and cute and organized.

2014-2015 Monthly Planner, $46, Etsy

12. The Look-Ahead Planner

Neon is so in right now. This one comes with a couple sheets of cool stickers to make planning more exciting.

The Look-Ahead Lime Green Poppin' Planner, $15, Poppin

13. The May Book

Can't let go of summer? How about a preppy little sailboat pattern on your planner?

May Book, $22, May Designs