'Real Housewives of New York': All The Power Couples Ramonja Reminds Us Of

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There are few things that weren't rehashed, dragged out, and beaten to death in the three part reunion special. This was especially the case in the final installment, with all of the girls jumping on the chance to air their major grievances one last time. But, despite all of the bickering and backstabbing, one thing remained clear: Ramona and Sonja were a team. Neither one of them letting the other take too much heat for anything without the other chiming in. It's endearing really, to see the two women who are quite obviously going through such a rough time support each other.

So, in the spirit of their relationship, here are some power couple's they're reminiscent of.

Images: Giphy (6); GIFsGoneWild/Tumblr

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