Kendrick Lamar Insulted All of Rap's Greatest

There is officially drama up in this mama. The release of Big Sean's new track, "Control," features a verse by Kendrick Lamar in which the rapper compares himself to Bob Marley and the Beatles, but more importantly, calls out the biggest rappers in the game right now. The targets of his verse include, but not limited to, Drake, Jermaine Cole, Pusha T, Wale, A$AP Rocky, and Mac Miller, not to mention Big Sean himself. But more shockingly, Lamar's words have caused zero uproar amongst the actual rappers. So what is going on here?

Surely I'm not the only one who remembers the hardcore rap feuds of Pac and Biggie's era? Hell, was it not so long ago that 50 Cent and Ja Rule were bitterly ensconced in a blood feud? Rap feuds are often just as brutal as Shakespearean feuds, so seeing this weirdly friendly rap beef is kind of unsettling. Especially since the rappers themselves are pretty much the only ones on the Internet keeping quiet, if the trending hashtags on Twitter are anything to go by. Come on Big Sean, Jay-Z, and Mac Miller: What we're expecting and craving is a "Do you bite your thumb at me, Kendrick"-esque response, so please deliver. And by deliver we don't mean post lukewarm, accepting responses like this one from Pusha T:

The next thing you know, these artists will be group hugging and taking yoga together. What are we going to read about then? So get it together, all you rappers wronged by Lamar. Harness the rage and, please, please turn it into some delightfully scathing response verses. It's all us bored tweeters really want.