Good News For 'Star Wars Episode VII'

Good news, Star Wars fans! It looks like the filming hiatus that Episode VII was forced to take after Harrison Ford broke his leg on set will be coming to an end very, very soon. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Star Wars Episode VII will resume filming this month after taking two weeks off. In other words, there likely won't be any delay in the film being finished and released on time. Huzzah!

As THR pointed out, it was a good sign that Ford attended The Expendables 3 premiere earlier this week, though he had surgery on his broken leg back in June. Ford is now well enough to resume his role as the legendary Han Solo in the franchise, and the film is expected to still be released on December 18, 2015 as planned. Filming is taking place in London at the moment, with on-location shooting in Abu Dhabi having been wrapped up earlier this year.

No word on if Han Solo will return to the big screen with a curious leg cast (hey, Mean Girls utilized Tim Meadows' wrist injury when he portrayed Principal Duvall in the film, and just said it was due to carpal tunnel — it could happen!) but, hopefully, Ford is already back to his ass-kicking self.

Image: Lucasfilm, Giphy