Watch the Muppets Rap a Beastie Boys' Song

The Muppets sure are badass. In the most necessary mash-up of the day (week? month? eternity?) here are The Muppets performing The Beastie Boys' "So What'cha Want." The Swedish Chef, Animal, and Beeker freakin' kill it, and damn, do they look good in white turtlenecks and green hats.

So, this question seems imminent: what took so long for us to get this Muppets rap video? Perhaps the surprise of its thunderous appearance on the Internet makes it all worth the wait. After all, there's never a wrong time for a Muppet appearance — whether it's as a mashup or parody, or whether it's when a Muppet shows up on your doorstep, serenading you with "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt. (We're all entitled to our weird dreams involving Kermit the Frog and Top 40 hits from 2006, OK?)

But if there's one thing that this mashup definitely does — besides put a ridiculously huge smile on your face (if it doesn't, check your pulse) — it's that it proves The Muppets stand the test of time. Yep, they're still awesome, and they'll always be cool.

So check it out. Seriously — Animal, Beeker, and The Swedish Chef look quite at home as they rap The Beastie Boys' lyrics. Anyone else gunning for these three to drop an album of rap covers? I think the majority of the Internet knows who should join them... (ahem, Chris Pratt, cough cough).

Image: isthishowyougoviral/Youtube