9 Reasons Nicole Has to Stay on 'Big Brother'

Another week, another female house guest goes home on Big Brother. If you've been paying attention to the live feeds, then you already know that the two people in danger of going home this week are Nicole Franzel and Donny Thompson. Somehow, Nicole went from being the HoH who came close to getting Zach evicted from the house to being the one trying to fight her way off the block. The eviction ceremony is on Thursday, which means that Nicole only has one more day left to flip the votes and ensure that Donny is going home over her. Nicole is fighting for her right to stay, but clearly the house guests don't realize what they'd be missing if she left.

Sure, I can understand how getting rid of Nicole would make sense from a gameplay standpoint. As soon as she was in power, she tried to shake up the power dynamics in the house and people quickly soured on her when they realized how much Nicole was willing to manipulate them to get them to do what she wanted. However, from an entertainment stand point, Nicole has to stay in the house because she's one of the most interesting house guests to watch. If the house guests only realized what I already know, there's no way they'd vote Nicole out. Here are the nine best reasons to keep Nicole Franzel in the Big Brother house.

1. Where else are you going to hear that accent?

Nicole's accent is completely unique to her and even now we can't figure out where she got it from. As far as I can tell, no one else in Ubly really talks like that. If she gets evicted now, we're going to lose the chance to figure out exactly where that accent came from.

2. She gave Zach a wedgie.

Zach has been more or less harassing/flirting with Nicole throughout this entire game and she's not having it. Her attempts to get him out of the house might have failed, but schoolyard methods are always effective no matter how old you are. If you think Zach goes too far sometimes — toward Nicole or in general — then you can thank her for this moment of triumph.

3. She's utterly fearless.

As soon as Nicole became HoH, she wasn't afraid to make a big move and put big players up on the block. There were some house guests (ahem, Frankie) who had managed to go the entire game without being put on the block and Nicole wasn't afraid to take those players down a peg. For the first time, she made a voting ceremony interesting. Who else can say that?

4. Her showmance was the first and the cutest.

Hayden and Nicole had a real (and adorable) connection and they flirted up a storm for weeks before Nicole finally gave Hayden permission to kiss her for the first time. It figures that they would be torn apart by flipped votes and blindsiding. Now Hayden is gone, but that doesn't change the fact that Nicole launched the show's first actual showmance (Zankie's unresolved sexual tension notwithstanding) and had the closest thing to an in-house boyfriend before anyone else.

5. She's representing Ubly.

Had you ever heard of the proud town of Ubly before Nicole Franzel made it onto Big Brother? No? Neither had I. Nicole is putting Ubly on the map the longer she stays in the Big Brother house and it's just rude to rip her away just as we're all learning how to pronounce it.

6. She's adorable.

Do I actually need to say more or...?

7. Everyone underestimated her.

Nobody expected Nicole to immediately use her HoH reign to try and get Zach out of the house or for her to actually almost succeed, if not for Caleb saying the right words to the right people at the right time. It was literally down to the wire before anyone thought to question Nicole and that's not bad for a "fruit loop dingus".

8. We don't need another girl to go home.

Nicole, Christine, and Victoria are the only women left in the Big Brother house. I repeat, of the nine people remaining in the Big Brother house, only three of them are women and one of them is about to be sent home in the next eviction ceremony unless she can turn people against fan-favorite guest Donny Thompson. I object.

9. She's a fruit loop dingus.

Without Nicole, we never would have first heard the amazing phrase "fruit loop dingus" come out of Zach's mouth. She was the first person that he called a fruit loop dingus and, though she wasn't the last, she definitely set a precedent for Zach's future insults. Hopefully Nicole can flip the votes and keep herself safe for the week because we need more of her on Big Brother.

Image: CBS