'Braxton Family Values' Sisters Have Been Busy Personally & Professionally Since Season 3

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Ah family. Can't live with 'em, can't have a four season reality show without 'em. WeTv welcomes America's favorite family R&B group that never was back for a fourth season of Braxton Family Values . Season 3 was a doozy. We saw an infidelity shocker via Traci, looming divorce for Trina, a big celebration for Towanda, and Tamar's attempt at a concert tour — in addition to all of the feuds and fights.

And then there was the most famous of the bunch, Toni, who was also prepping for a tour. The "Unbreak My Heart" singer was working on releasing a new album in anticipation of a comeback. So where will Season 4 take the ladies this year? I predict even more relationship drama and tensions over everyone's simultaneous recording interests (seriously, at this point, if Mama Braxton Evelyn drops a single or heads to the recording studio, I will not be surprised). Also the odds don't seem to be in anyone's favor this season relationship-wise, so it will be interesting to see whose romantic interests come out intact by season's end.

While we wait to see how the season unfolds, here's what the Braxton girls have been up to since Season 3.

Image: Chris Ragazzo/We tv

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