The Most Moving Tributes to Robin Williams

Like so many children of the ‘80s and ‘90s, a huge number of my fondest memories involve Robin Williams’ movies. From Aladdin to Jumanji, and from Hook to Good Will Hunting, and from Mrs. Doubtfire to Dead Poet’s Society, those films were the flickering images and sounds of my childhood; I grew up with Genie, and John Keating, and all the rest — they made me laugh, think, and so much more.

It seems odd sometimes that the loss of someone you’ve never even met can hit you so hard; but that’s the beauty of what Williams did: Through his artistry, he reached out far beyond the screens on which we watched him, and he hit us all right where it counts. It’s why we feel his loss so deeply, regardless as to whether or not we personally knew him. And it’s why so many are expressing their grief in such profound ways, all over the Internet and all over the world.

Here’s a look at some of the most moving tributes. Even though he may not be here anymore, he’ll always be there, waiting for us.

See you at the movies.

This one at Hollywood Improv in LA:

At the Laugh Factory:

And at his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

There's Disney's statement:

An album of his many faces:

And a huge variety of lovingly rendered tributes in all kinds of mediums from artists all over the world: