Don't Worry Lads, She's Still Single

by Celeste Mora

It seems that once again, the rumor mill has been working overtime, fabricating blossoming relationships out of, well, nothing. And this time Anna Kendrick and Theon Greyjoy have been its victims. On Tuesday, multiple outlets reported that Anna Kendrick may be dating Alfie Allen, otherwise known as Theon Greyjoy and Lily Allen's younger brother.

Even Bustle fell for the seemingly overwhelming evidence, which included a sighting sharing drinks at a "dark table" at a sushi joint in Vegas, as well as her well-documented singleness and love of Game of Thrones. After her very public breakup with Edgar Wright last year, Kendrick has been enjoying the single life. Since she just ended a four-year relationship, Kendrick hasn't seemed to be hitting the dating scene too hard, often making jokes about being hit on and enjoying some Gosling-inspired alone time. Not to play the hindsight game, but her Game of Thrones t-shirt choices would suggest that there's no room for Theon Greyjoy in Anna's heart, and now the star has confirmed that the two are not romantically linked.

In response to a Gawker tweet about the rumors of a budding romance, Kendrick tweeted one of her characteristic quips, confirming once and for all that she is NOT getting down with the Greyjoy.

If Alfie knows what's good for him, he'll think of a classically Theon whine to tweet about being misrepresented by the internet. Until then, we'll have to stop shipping Pitch Perfect and GoT stars on Tumblr and accept that these two are just friends.