Who Is R5?

Thanks to the decal on the drum kit, the dependability of Shazam, and beautiful resource that is iSpot.tv, I know that the band behind the "Rock That Rock" song in that Ring Pop ad is pop-rock outfit R5. Have I heard of R5? Yes, duh. Do I know anything about R5? Can I name any of their songs off of the top of my head? Have I ever heard an R5 song? Erm... Uh... Sigh. I'm out of touch! I'm falling behind! I'm getting old!

I am not ready to be left in the pop music world's dust. Not yet. So, I must jump into the sea of R5 information available the Internet and bring myself up to speed.

Here are some deets about the band for my fellow R5 n00bs. R5: 101, if you will:

Ellington and the Lynches don't stop at dancing and making music. They're also actors. Don't me as I fire up IMDB:

What else can this band of triple threats do? Do any of them boast any other talents? I don't know. I stopped researching before I found answers to those questions.

And that concludes this episode of What The Kids Are Listening To These Days. Tune in next time to watch me attempt to name every member of Fifth Harmony.

Image: CandyMania/YouTube