'Suits': You Won't Believe What Litt and Nigel Have in Common

Harvey's lunchtime phone calls threaten to put a damper on Donna and Stephen's afternoon delight, but they still manage to have a bunch of sexy sex. Will her coworkers guess what she's been up to? Donna's sure they won't, but then again, she's glowing.

"There's something different about you," Litt observes. "Keep doing it. Morning, noon and night. Five times a day if necessary." (This is funny, because again, sex!)

Finally, Donna tells Harvey about her affair with Huntley. He has no objection to their relationship, provided that it doesn't interfere with her work. We'll see about that.

With Ava Hessington's trial only two weeks away, Harvey and Mike scheme to have shady prosecutor Cameron Dennis thrown off the case by suing Tony Gianopoulos, the new majority owner of Hessington Oil. Huntley—who confirms that Harvey will be made managing partner if Ava is set free—teams up with Specter to prove that Dennis leaked evidence to Gianopoulos.

Mike deputizes paralegal slash girlfriend Rachel to serve as the Mike to his Harvey on a different case. He also invites himself to dinner with her parents (again: one convenient relationship milestone per episode), though she's initially reluctant to introduce them. She's afraid of how they'll react if they find out he didn't really attend Harvard Law.

For me, a relative newcomer to Suits, here is the second-most important thing about this episode: Rachel's dad is Bunk from The Wire. I repeat: HER DAD IS BUNK FROM THE WIRE. There is plenty of charming banter to be had, and Mike gets along great with the Zanes... at least until he hears from Dad-Bunk that Rachel applied to faraway Stanford. Trouble in paradise.

Litt is furious over Nigel's laissez-faire style of managing the associates via memos. To make matters worse, Nesbitt gives them all gifts—paperweights with the inscription "Louis Litt Blew Me." Just when it seems that the two men will never reconcile, it's time for the first-most important thing about this episode: A gray cat leaps onto Nigel's desk. This is Mikado, and she is gorgeous. For her and Litt both, it's love at first sight. She happily cuddles with Louis, though she normally refuses to let anyone but Nigel touch her. Later, Nesbitt asks Litt to catsit while he visits the Hong Kong office. Are they destined to become... FWENDS?

Gianopoulos purchases a bunch of Pearson Darby's clients, solely to fire Harvey as their attorney, and begins to dump his shares of Hessington Oil out of spite. Harvey learns that, unbeknownst to him, Huntley subpoenaed Gianopoulos' daughter. Not cool, bro.

Jessica and Harvey concoct a mutually agreeable deal: Gianopoulos will own the company, Hessington will run it, and Gianopoulos will turn in Dennis. Though the prosecutor never explicitly gave Gianopolous the incriminating tape, he did accidentally—wink wink—happen to leave him alone in a room with it. The evidence is thrown out and Ava is reinstated as CEO.

As a gesture of goodwill towards Harvey, Jessica changes the firm's name, a la Mad Men, to Pearson Darby Specter. How will this affect his plans to overthrow her?

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