What's Going On with the Gorgas' Garbage Business?

Joe and Melissa Gorga have already faced family feuds, disastrous living situations, and accusations of stripping. But their marriage has always remained a strong front, and unlike sister in-law Teresa, free from scandal. But turns out, the Gorgas' trash business is bringing some controversy their way. The mention of Joe and Melissa's business on Real Housewives of New Jersey was so quick, if you yawned, sneezed, or went to the bathroom, you could have missed it, and it hasn't been mentioned again since.

In short, Joe bought a truck and filled it with a bunch of shredding equipment so that he can take confidential documents and destroy them for a fee. He apparently didn't share many of the details with his wife and chose to reveal it to her for the first time on camera, which wasn't so smart, as she immediately called out how… strange this all seemed. He then admitted in a talking head that Melissa doesn't know exactly how many "millions" he's put into this. Uh, well, now she does.

The weird part is that there's no reason why this business should have cost millions. You can buy industrial sized document shredders and incinerators for several thousand dollars, and buying a truck shouldn't bring that figure to millions. Plus, he should have connections with his real estate business. They have to transport materials in order to build houses, don't they? And if you look online, there are other New Jersey document destruction businesses like NJ Shredding, with websites that have rates, data, and contact information. With more established businesses like that out there, there might not be much cause for anyone to hire Joe Gorga's new single 18-wheeler to handle confidential info.

So Melissa's skepticism is pretty understandable. Joe's stopped construction on their new home, they were barely able to sell the last one, and now he's spending even more money on starting a new business. Plus, while the Gorgas insist that they'll be moving back into the Montville house they attempted to sell last season, former tenant of that home, Kai Patterson tells Reailty Tea that's untrue. Simultaneously, Joe is still posting Twitter updates about the new house that they're working on, even though they both admitted on Watch What Happens Live that the project is on hold and they're going to be staying in their rental.

In general, this just adds to the weird ambiance that surrounds the Gorgas, like they're trying to hide something. For example, they drive Bentleys while there are persistent, but unproven, rumors about them being in debt. Last season when they attempted to sell their old house, the shoddy craftsmanship and building material threw Joe's "very successful" real estate career into question. And very recently, an unnamed source told Radar Online that Melissa is earning over $1 million a year from her book sales and RHONJ salary, which may be the only money that's currently keeping the family afloat.

But whether Joe is still in the document shredding business, has gone back to real estate, depends on RHONJ money to pay the bills, or he's just an "entrepreneur," the Gorgas are going through it together, and their marriage seems tighter than ever. But considering that they're on TV, they should probably clear up any confusion about their garbage business, before it becomes the source of the latest Housewives rumor-filled feud.