This Is What You Should Wear To A Brit Brit Gig

Britney Spears is almost a year into Britney Spears: Piece of Me, her Las Vegas concert residency. The pop singer, who has had her share of very public ups and downs, is settled into Sin City. Spears performs several shows a week in a fixed location. While plunking herself down in Las Vegas might seem like a recipe for disaster for a paparazzi (and onetime bad publicity) magnet like Brit Brit, it's actually been stabilizing and offers a sense of security — not to mention a big ass paycheck.

Brit Brit sings! She dances! She is accused of lip-synching! She wears sexy outfits! She entertains! I've seen Spears three times throughout the course of her career and she certainly throws a party onstage. No, she's not taking a sledgehammer to new ground, but at least she allows you to ride sidecar while she gyrates.

Even if you were in grade school when "Oops! I Did It Again" was a major hit and when Spears was soaring at the height of her not-quite-a-girl-not-quite-a-woman talents, you know you want to go see her live and relive your youth. The pull towards Spears is equal parts nostalgia for and genuine enjoyment of her sticky sweet hits.

Come on, you know you dig a comeback. We all love to watch our celebs rise after they stumble mightily, which Spears most certainly did. So why not plan a weekend in Las Vegas, take in a Brit gig like her peers Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry have done, play a few slots, soak up the sun, and get dressed up!

Here are five outfits you totally can and should wear to a Britney Spears concert.

1. Red, White And Blue

Spears is a Southern girl and you can be All-American at her show by rocking some red, white, and blue. Throw on some denim overalls with a bandeau, Converse sneakers, scarlet lips, and a trucker hat. Von Dutch is passe, but Brit used to wear those. Update that trend!

2. Country Chic

Once again, you can nod to Brit's country girl roots with this fashionable ensemble, anchored by a romper. Studded cowgirl boots and a fringed hobo modernize the trend, while mustache earrings add a dose of fun and levity, stopping you from being too literal with your take on GRITS (Girls Raised in the South) style. Spears' Starbucks cup is ever-present, so be sure and caffeinate before the show, so you have the energy to sing every lyric to "...Baby One More Time," "Circus," and my personal fave "If U Seek Amy."

3. All-American Nautical Girl

Co-eds can take in a Brit Brit gig with a nautically-inspired, All-American outfit that's cute, comfy, and chic. You don't have to always glam it up in Vegas, even for a ladies night. Skinnies, a striped crop top, a bulky white hobo, flip flops, which Spears often toddles around in, and a wrap bracelet are turnt up with a slick of ruby red gloss. Good girl gone bad, maybe?

4. Rock It To Me

Rocker chicks are welcome at a Spears show, especially in Vegas. Let your inner Joan Jett out with glossed lips, leather jeans, a platform sandal, which Brit has been known to wear, big ol' hoops, a bold and branded bag, and a tee paying homage to Spears' most famous phrase.

5. Cowgirls Get The Blues

Cowgirl chic really can be fun, if you parse out the pieces and don't overdo it, because then you'll be a caricature. I'm talking to you, Ashton Kutcher at the 2012 CMAs! A dangerously short denim mini, a loose tank, and chunky moto boots, along with a gold necklace and mixed belt make for a cute ensemble. But the cowgirl touch is the straw hat and it totally makes this outfit a zillion times better.

Images: Polyvore (5)