Who Is Nick Young? Iggy Azalea’s Boyfriend Is One Stylish Basketball Player

To say Iggy Azalea has had quite the year is a gross understatement. "Fancy" is the undisputed song of the summer, playing on every other radio station at any given moment. She's got seven MTV VMA nominations under her belt, and is slated to perform at the ceremony with Rita Ora. While we're in prime speculation season — the VMA's are right around the corner, so we're already thinking about her look, her performance, and how many moonmen she might take home — one thing's for certain. Iggy Azalea will likely bring along her boyfriend, NBA player Nick Young, along for the ride. The couple started dating last year, Azalea confirmed during a radio interview, and have since looked good on many red carpets. Most recently, Azalea accompanied Young to the ESPY's — since he is, after all, an athlete. Click through to learn more about Nick Young.

He plays for the LA Lakers

Nick Young was drafted to the NBA in 2007. He’s since played for the Washington Wizards, the Philadelphia 76ers, the LA Clippers, and the Lakers.

Image: Nick Young/Instagram

He's a California native

Playing for the Lakers means Young is on home turf. He attended the University of Southern California and played for their basketball team, but left his senior year in order to go pro.

Image: Nick Young/Instagram

Because of his California roots, Young is very into West Coast rap

He told XXL that growing up in L.A., he was influenced by the growing rap scene: “It was Daz [Dillinger] Kurupt… Snoop Dogg, E-40, Too $hort… Warren G, Nate Dogg, I’m all the way West Coast. Suga Free, DJ Quik…”

Image: Nick Young/Instagram

Kendrick Lamar is his cousin

Young revealed to Complex that rap runs in his blood. He told the magazine, “I knew him when he was little, but I hadn’t seen him in a while and now it’s like ‘Damn, I didn’t know that’s my cousin and I ain’t seen him in forever.’ That’s big time.”

Image: Nick Young/Instagram.

He has an adorable son from a previous relationship

Nick. Jr.’s mom is the owner of a children’s clothing boutique, so the kid is very well-dressed.

Image: Nick Young/Instagram.

His nickname is Swaggy P

Young embraces his alter ego on Twitter and Instagram (and on personalized jerseys). As far as where the name comes from, he’s offered a wide range of explanations.

Image: Nick Young/Instagram.

He's into fashion

Young played double-duty on the ESPY’s red carpet: Not only did he dazzle with Azalea, but he also served as ESPN’s co-correspondent. Young’s sense of style even earned him an upcoming Coveteur feature (this image is from his shoot).

Image: Nick Young/Instagram

No, really, Young knows his stuff

In an interview with the New York Times, Azalea revealed that her boyfriend doesn’t just walk the walk, but talks the talk. “He’d be like: ‘I really like the flower print on these seats. They look a lot like the Givenchy print that just came out for the ready-to-wear.’” Here, Young and Azalea are pictured at the Calvin Klein show in Milan.

Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But his favorite designer is Versace

Hey, we all play favorites. GQ characterized Young as having “a penchant for flashy Versace,” in his couple shoot with Azalea.

Image: Nick Young/Instagram

Young & Azalea began their courtship on Twitter

Talk about a modern love story. GQ traced back the origin of their relationship to a #WomenCrushWednesday post by Young. It’s safe to say Azalea has been his WCW ever since.

Image: Nick Young/Instagram

Their first date was at Target

Regardless of what she may rap in “Fancy,” Azalea is a simple girl, as evidenced by the couple’s first outing. The Daily Mail quoted Azalea in a radio interview, where she revealed the details: “We went out for dinner after this, but at first I was like, “Target is my favorite place, I wanna go to Target!” So I made him take me!” It goes to show: You can truly find anything at Target.

Image: Nick Young/Instagram