J.Crew Releasing Two New Perfumes Next Week

J.Crew is great at what they do. Their preppy clothing and colorful classics are a staple in many a wardrobe, but now the brand is hoping to become a statement in the world of making-you-smell-good as well. Next week, J.Crew is releasing two perfumes at once for the brand's first foray into fragrance. From their perfectly styled stores to the utopian world portrayed in their catalogues, J.Crew's marketing makes us want to live in whatever perfect world or classic time period that they're based in.

According to a press release, J.Crew's scents are made to represent the opening of "Exhibition by 31 Women," the first all-female modern-art display in the U.S, which took place on January 5, 1943. These scents are supposed to reflect the smells and aromas from a cocktail party celebrating the grand opening, featuring notes of aged whiskey, vanilla, Bulgarian rose, and red vermouth. So, wait, are these drinkable? Because they sound like exactly what I would order at happy hour.

I'm happy to see that Jenna Lyons and Co. aren't going the way of boring, floral fragrances that so many brands tend to default to for fear of not being universal enough. However, "J.Crew" and "whiskey" aren't exactly synonymous in my mind. Just for fun, let's think about some other scentspiration I'd like to see in their next perfume launch.

1. Crisp Linen Shirts

They're folded so neatly on display in the J.Crew stores. Consider the scent an updated version of those "freshly picked cotton" candles your mom always burned.

2. Polo Shirts

Polo shirts smell like freshly sharpened pencils and all those textbooks you brought to school that you didn't even need.

3. Boldly Printed Pants

This scent would be one of J.Crew's most innovative. Imagine board meeting-meets-"you can't even notice the blueberries I dropped on my pants during lunch."

4. Quilted Vests

Think newly-turned fall leaves, the crisp scent of snow and a pumpkin-spice latte. Something tells me this might be their most popular scent. (I'll take royalties for the idea, J.Crew.)

5. Yacht trips

Ocean air, morning mimosas and sunscreen blend for a snapshot of "roughing it" on a yacht. For the outdoorsy J.Crew customer.

6. Boat Shoes

Ok so these probably wouldn't smell that great. Worn leather and frat boy foot sweat aren't a great combo, but they're true to theme so lets go with it.

7. Tennis Rackets

The smell of a freshly popped can of tennis balls and the rubbery scent of a tennis court in summer heat combine for the ultimate summer scent. If you want to pull off a pop and a tennis skirt, a few squirts of this will keep you from looking like a poser.

8. Mixed resin jewelry

This scent would remind you of your favorite outlet mall, a nice dinner with friends or a night out on the town. A guilty pleasure scent with spun sugar certainly in the ingredients list.

Images: J.Crew (4); Wikipedia Commons; J.Crew; Wikipedia Commons; J.Crew