13 Relationship Books That'll Make You Believe in Love Again, Unless Your Heart is Actually Made of Ice

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Sound of muffled weeping. A huge pile of blankets on the bed shifts slightly, and we realize that YOU are buried beneath them, sobbing into the fuzzy stomach of your childhood teddy bear. An old-fashioned radio plays softly, attempting to woo you out of your heartbreak: "buckets of rain . . . buckets of tears . . ."

Heart trampled? Feel like you'll never believe in love again? What you need is a good old-fashioned love story to distract you from your woes and to make you believe that if those people found each other and clung to each other through thick and through thin and through irate parents and through castration (sorry, should have prefaced that with SPOILER ALERT), maybe, just maybe, there's someone out there for you.

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