There's A Brand-New Character Coming To 'Girls'

SPOILER ALERT: There's a brand-new character coming to Girls Season 4, and this time, he could be "the one" for Hannah Horvath. Jake Lacy, who appeared in Obvious Child with Jenny Slate as her one-night stand, will be joining the cast of Girls next season, and it looks like he could be playing Hannah's new boyfriend. Lacy's role hasn't officially been confirmed yet, but it will be a recurring character. Photos from the Girls set reveal Lacy and Lena Dunham dressed in character and looking very boyfriend-girlfriendy, which could definitely point to Lacy's potential role as Hannah's new boyfriend/hookup buddy/ friend-with-benefits-but-it's-complicated.

It looks like something significant will definitely be developing between these two characters, but I predict this Lacy's possibly boyfriendy character will be more than just the new Adam. Love her or hate her, Hannah's probably been through enough while "dating" a guy who was quite possibly the worst boyfriend ever. It's time for the plot to throw in a twist and present Hannah with a nice, cute, sweet, generally decent man who genuinely cares about her, and Lacy is the perfect guy for the task.

Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

He's great at being the normal, goofy boyfriend, and he could have a lot to offer Hannah. That is, if she lets him. If Hannah finally finds a great guy in Lacy's possible boyfriend character, will her immaturity push him away? Will he stick around and try to change her, only to find she'll always be the same old Hannah? Things could get serious next season, but Hannah might not be able to handle a real, normal relationship with a guy who treats her with respect and does not pee on her in the shower.

Image: HBO