5 Reasons to Love Rachel Sklar's Twitter Feed

A veteran of CNN and The Daily Beast, media figure Rachel Sklar decided a few years ago there needed to be more space for awesome women in her industry—actually, for that matter, in all industries. Her first project, Change The Ratio, came out of this belief. She also started The List, a newsletter connecting women in tech and new media. Now she's soft-launching The Li.st as a for-profit website–a sort of Facebook-meets-LinkedIn happy place for ambitious and badass women. And if you picked up Sunday's New York Times, you may have caught Douglas Quenqua's a juicy piece on Sklar and her newest project.

Sklar doesn't care so much whether people like her or not, according to Quenqua. "As long as they are succeeding, she can use them as evidence—data points, she might say—that women deserve to be more frequently hired, funded and featured on the supposedly meritocratic tech scene." This lady knows how to cause a splash.

And one thing we know about her? She's looped in, and we've learned a lot from doing some digging in her Twitter feed. Here's why Sklar is worth following, and why the ladies she follows are worth following, and why you should spend some time perusing her feed, too:

Because Sklar's Change The Ratio is still helping to bring more women into the workplace.

Because there is now such a thing as an Editor of Emerging Media.

Because women are women, and we should be able to want to work however the heck we want.

Because gender equality has the power to spread to every corner of awesome.

But, perhaps most of all, because she's wildly entertaining.

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Image: Getty Images