The Accessory Nina Garcia Will Be Wearing to NYFW

Nina Garcia, creative director of Marie Claire and paragon of all things chic, will be appearing at New York Fashion Week with the most cutting-edge accessory of them all: Google Glass. While these techie frames don't look as good as pair of tortoiseshell Warby Parkers, they'll be the most futuristic, groundbreaking accessory there (unless Karl Lagerfeld wafts in on a flying saucer). Garcia will be using the glasses to stream photos, videos, and other updates across all of Marie Claire's social media channels, from Twitter to Vine.

Is anyone shocked? Fashion has always loved tech; Vogue was featuring haute couture iPad cases immediately after the iPad debuted, and a sleek iPhone is still as ubiquitous an accessory as a pair of Rag & Bone jeans. Google Glass, which are basically a tiny, hands-free computer system that you wear on your face, have been in the works for years and are developed by the same arm of Google that's working on driverless cars — which may be Nina's hot ride come NYFW 2015.

Although the Glass doesn't look particularly hip, they're really a piece of incredible technology, and if Garcia can manage to handle them effectively, we'll literally be getting a Nina's-eye view things. This has the potential to be the most intimate look at NYFW that fashion fans across the globe have ever experienced.