What Will Zingbot Say to the House Guests?

This is the best news to come out of the Big Brother house so far this summer. As great as this "summer of twists" that Julie Chen promised us has been, it could use a little bit more spicing up. Aside from the double eviction that sent Jocasta and Hayden home, most of the voting ceremonies have been unanimous and paying attention to the live feeds can usually help you predict every single thing that's going to happen on the CBS broadcast. What this season really needs more than anything else is the Zingbot 3000.

As Big Brother fans know, Zingbot 3000 is really just a person in a robot costume who wanders around the house insulting all the houseguests. Zingbot first appeared in Big Brother season 12 and one of the challenges in Big Brother season 14 even involved building a baby Zingbot of their own. Basically, Zingbot has become an integral part of the Big Brother universe and the fact that it's taken this long for it to show up this season is a true tragedy. According to the live feeds, Zingbot finally made its appearance Saturday night during the Power of Veto competition and I already can't wait to see what zingers are waiting for the remaining house guests.

In fact, I have some predictions of my own for what one-liners Zingbot will say to some of the houseguests.


"Beast Mode Cowboy? More like Fail Mode Cowboy. Zing!"

"Beast Mode Cowboy, I just want to congratulate you and your girlfriend on your anniversary. When are you going to let her know she's in the relationship? Zing!"


"Congratulations on managing to sneak a pet in here just by calling it a beard. Zing!"

"In case of an emergency, can your beard be used as a floatation device? Zing!"


"Justin Bieber called... just kidding, he wouldn't. Zing!"

"I heard the Ariana Grande CD you got in your HoH room only had the singles she's already released to the world on it. I guess you're not her everything. Zing!"


"Zach Attack? Where would that fall on the list of all things terrifying, somewhere between bunny slippers and maple syrup? Zing!"

"Zach Attack? Sounds like an oxymoron to me. Zing!"

Images: CBS