Nasty Gal Jumps On The Denim Bandwagon

Know how you can tell it's almost fall? Jeans are back to taking over the racks (virtual and non) of all our favorite back-to-school shopping destinations. And edgy-boho-hipster-chic girls, get ready to celebrate: Nasty Gal has their own line of denim now. And it's just as cool as you would have hoped.

It should really come as no surprise that Nasty Gal has taken on their own denim venture. Since the success of the CEO and fonder of the brand Sophie Amoruso's book #GIRLBOSS, people have been patiently waiting to see what Nasty Gal would do next.

The denim collection itself is pretty awesome. It consists of mainly vintage-inspired pieces that stick within the very reasonable price range of $68 to $98. Plus, the collection features a wide range of styles, washes, and levels of "oh, these rips are from years of love" distressedness. Included in Nasty Gal's debut denim collection is The Kink, a cropped, high waisted-skinny jean; The Ex-Boyfriend, their spin on a slouchy fit; The MILF, naturally inspired by the perfect "mom jean;" The Bell Jean, simply a very long bell bottom; and The Flip Skirt, which is exactly what it sounds like: an A-line mini. Oh, and all the denim styles are made in LA. Are you in love yet?

The MILF, for all you sexy mamas.

Nasty Gal will continue their streak of mega success as they plan to open their first retail store later this year as confirmed by Amoruso. It will not take long after that before thousands of other Nasty Gal stores hit all the malls and streets in each major city. The continued success of the brand has been dependent on various things, but playing their cards right with trends like this falls denim explosion is one of the many tricks they should keep under their sleeves.

Images: Nasty Gal