Robin Williams Was "Truly Peter Pan"

Robin Williams' Hook costar Raushan Hammond was only 9 years old when he met Williams, but Hammond remembers his experience working with the actor who was "truly Peter Pan." In a conversation with People, Hammond recalls that Williams was a joy to work with, and seemed to reflect the exuberant, light-hearted character he played in the film.

"His energy level alone", Hammond says, "I never saw him down or even tired. The role really fit him." Hammond, now 32, recalls feeling inspired and encouraged by Williams' energy on set, saying, "He was always encouraging me." Hammond kept in touch with Williams over the years, and says he last spoke with the Hook star "several months ago" when he contacted Williams to tell him about an upcoming project. Hammond was working on Thud Butt vs. Rufio, a short film based on his Hook character, and Williams had agreed to make a brief cameo appearance. Hammond admits he's "still in shock" that Williams is gone.

Hammond isn't the only one of Williams' young former costars who were positively affected by their experience working with him: Williams' Hook cast mate Dante Basco has also shared a tribute to the late actor on Twitter, as has Mrs. Doubtfire 's Lisa Jakub. It seems that Williams had a tremendous impact on the young lives he crossed paths with, and he continues to do so through the legacy of his films. On Friday, Hulu named Hook its "Top Film Of The Week".

If you'd like to revisit the classic Williams movie, Hook is also available for streaming on Netflix.