'Homeland' Season 3 Would've Been Very Different If the Writers Had Their Way

Homeland Season 3 premieres September 29, and unfortunately for us, the writers are keeping the new season heavily under wraps. But with a show as full with surprises as Homeland, it's no wonder that the writers want to keep the fate of their characters hush-hush. But while they're staying tight-lipped about what will happen, they have no problem revealing some of the things that could have happened in Seasons 1 and 2 of the hit show.

According to the interview with writers/producers Alex Gansa, Meredith Steihm, and Alex Cary, and composer Sean Callery, Nicholas Brody — the man whose questionable motives initially propelled the show's premise — was written to die not once, but twice. Co-creator Howard Gordon admitted that the writers wanted Brody dead.

We had sketched out this plan in the early parts of season two which called for Brody’s demise, which may have been premature, and they asked us to reconsider ... [it's] the happy accident of having very good partners.

It's hard enough to imagine a second season without Brody, but a third season with Carrie in Canada? Now that's going too far. Believe it or not, the writers initially wanted Carrie to cross with Brody into the Great White North. Thankfully, they came to their senses and Carrie returns to the CIA after assisting Brody in his border cross, because had she stayed up there, would the show have devolved into a survival series about tent-living in the tundra?

Lucky for us, we'll never know.