'Laguna Beach' Reunion Brings Lauren Conrad & Stephen Colletti Together With More Former Castmates — PHOTOS

Well, your wishes came true, every adolescent girl from the early 2000s. Lauren Conrad and Stephen Colletti were at a wedding together. Just, not with each other (or to each other). Which, is kind of a bummer, but you can't have everything. The angel and (perhaps secretive matchmaker?) whose nuptials it was was Conrad and Colletti's longtime friend, Maura McManus. Who, as Conrad pointed out, made an absolutely beautiful bride. That dress? To die for.

But enough about the bride, because another (pinch yourself, because you are probably dreaming) Laguna Beach alum attended the hallowed event. Dieter Schmitz graced LC and Ste-phhhhen with his presence as well, even taking a too-cute-for-words Instagram picture with Colletti that transported us back to 2004. A much simpler, more dramatic time where everyone was tan, beautiful, and horribly entitled. Oh and Lo Bosworth was there too, but of course she was, because Lo is the unsung best friend of the entire cast because she is undoubtedly the most chill.

Let me also bring up the fact that Conrad was in a white bridesmaid gown and Colletti was in a tux, so . . . there was never a more convenient time for them to drop the pretenses and just do the damn thing already. I don't care what anyone says, those two are going to end up together on a beach in Nantucket two decades down the line like a Nicholas Sparks novel. At least, in my heart they will.

Anyhow, check out the pictures from this wedding because it is the stuff of your middle school fantasies: