Gwen Stefani Does The Ice Bucket Challenge

Gwen Stefani just confirmed to the world what we already knew-- she's the coolest. Literally. Because Gwen Stefani had ice water poured on herself. But, even as I'm sure your overcrowded Facebook timelines have alerted you, she isn't just doing this for fun (because really, it looks a whole lot more uncomfortable than fun) but because she, like many others, are trying to gain awareness for an extremely important and sometimes overlooked cause. The ALS Ice Bucket challenge may be all you've been hearing about these days, but at least Stefani and others are getting people to reach into their pockets and help out those in need.

In true to form rock star fashion, Stefani wasn't about to get dumped on by the dastardly Blake Shelton without a fight. In response to her acceptance and fulfillment of the challenge, she went ahead and dared her husband, Gavin Rossdale, and friends, Nicole Richie and Jessica Alba to brave the same good yet painful deed. All I know, is that if Gwen Stefani ordered me to have ice water on my head and offered to do the pouring, I'd oblige, as did her nominees. Instead of making individual videos as proof though, Rossdale, Richie, and Alba completed their challenge in solidarity, sitting side by side as they froze their famous butts off in what looks to be the nicest backyard in the United States of America.

I also can't help but think of this Mean Girls quote any time I see unlikely celebrities together doing normal, everyday things:

Something oddly satisfying about it, isn't there?

Image: LaurenCando/WordPress via Tumblr