Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff Reunited

Reunions are the spice of life. Have members of the Dawson's Creek been seen together since Don't Trust The B— In Apt 23 was canceled? If so, alert the Internet, we're raring to go. And so the reunion between Will "Fresh Prince" Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff is a pretty . . . wait for it . . . jazzy affair. On many years in the making.

For those whose memories (or lifespans) don't reach back past 1995, Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff go way back: DJ Jazzy Jeff (real name Jeff Townes) met in 1985 in West Philadephia (born and raised, on a playground where they spent most of their days . . .). They formed a rap duo, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, and won the first ever Grammy for Best Rap Performance in 1989 for the single "Parents Just Don't Understand." Then NBC signed Smith up for The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air and the rest is history.

The Palms in Las Vegas was the site of their reunion this time around — the duo performed their hit "Summertime." This wasn't their first reunion in recent years, it should be noted: In 2013 Smith brought Townes out on The Graham Norton Show when promoting After Earth. They sang the Fresh Prince theme. You can see both instances below:

Image: DJ Jazzy Jeff/Twitter