Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli Wants To Use Taxpayer Money To Fund Religious Schools, Because Separation of Church And State Is Whatever


Virginia Attorney General and gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli II (R) (you know, the one who tried to ban oral and anal sex and claimed the move wasn't homophobic) is now pushing for his state to allow public funding for religious schools.

Though the Republican Party is known to conflate church and state in its arguments against issues like abortion and same-sex marriage, Cuccinelli's proposal that Virginia should redirect taxpayer money from public education to parochial school vouchers might be a new low.

Cuccinelli tried to argue the separation of church and state provisions in Virginia's constitution merely aim to combat anti-Catholic bigotry.

No big deal that one of our nation's founding ideals is keeping each institution's influence apart from the other in order to preserve freedom in both spheres. It's whatever.