Amy Schumer's Ice Bucket Challenge Is Gross

Had enough of the viral videos clogging your Facebook feed? Then comedian and TV star Amy Schumer's Ice Bucket Challenge that supports ALS will be right up your alley. Schumer's take on the charitable social media trend is perfectly her in the hot messiest of ways and even though it pokes a little fun at the campaign, it still has good intentions, and it still raises awareness, which is, after all, the end game.

Schumer joins the ranks of what seems like every celebrity with a social media account (recent participants include Lady Gaga with a particularly stoic and cold take, and Chris Pratt with a wonderfully goofy guy "oops this ice water reveals my abs" version) who have subjected themselves to the frigid bucket dump for the greater good: calling awareness to and donations for the ALSA to fight Lou Gehrig's disease. Despite the nobility of the cause, Schumer came at it with her usual nastiness, and I love her for it — stripped to her underwear, she reaches into a champagne ice bucket and pulls out a can of New England clam chowder, and before you can scream "no" in slow motion at your Macbook Pro, she's drenched herself in it. Schumer's hilarious and utterly disgusting video is good-natured and an apt reminder that no matter what famouses or common folk are dumping on their heads, what's really important is the cause.

It's easy to get jaded when these so-called "slacktivism" trends pop up, but as much as the Ice Bucket Challenge seems played out, it's actually worked, raising more than $15 million in support for the ASLA. So even though Schumer didn't dump a bucket of ice-cold awareness on her head, she's STILL raising awareness for the ALSA, which is what really matters. Even I have to admit it's fun to watch famous people shriek like harpies when drenched with ice-cold water (here's looking at you, Oprah).