Tom Hiddleston Gets Wet & Wild

He might be the Marvel universe's most beloved villain, but today, Loki did something positive for the human race. Tom Hiddleston took the ice bucket challenge and behaved exactly like the British gentleman he is. "I'm going to fill this bucket with ice, and prepare for the worst," he said, setting down the ice-and-water mixture next to a man behind the camera. Then the glorious slo-mo camera kicks in and we see Hiddles drenched from head to toe as his clothing becomes transparent. Unfortunately, the part where he quickly lifts the shirt sticking to his stomach away from his body was not captured in slow motion, however it's safe to assume the internet is already hard at work gif-ing the moment.

The best part of Hiddleston's video? He nominated the Internet's other British obsession, Benedict Cumberbatch, to take on the icy-abdomenen-exposing challenge next. (He also nominated Luke Evans — who, let's be real — would be just as delightful to see prance around in a soaking wet T-shirt). Praise Thor and all his superhero friends, because this means we could plausibly see Loki AND Sherlock adorned in little to nothing, all for the sake of fighting ALS and spreading awareness for the awesome cause.

Watch Hiddleston take on the challenge here.

Image: Giphy