Mariah Carey's World Tour is Skipping the USA Because Apparently She Hates Us

There's a hero...if you look inside your heart — nope. Nope. There's not. Cut the song. Elusive Chanteuse that she is (her words, not mine), Mariah Carey's world tour is skipping the United States! Heartbreaker, you got the best of me! Yes, I'm quoting Mariah songs right now.

According to a press release on Carey's official website, The Elusive Chanteuse Show will be a world tour! Only, it's not exactly the world because it's skipping parts of the world. Anyhow, it says:

The interjections are priceless here ("a favorite stop for Mariah!"). This press release reminds us that this tour is about givin' a chanteuse what she wants where she wants it (musically speaking).

Mariah has also commented that she's really excited to premiere brand new songs, too:

It seems unfair for her to skip over the States, her homeland, but shame on me for thinking so nationalistically, I suppose. And lest we forget — she. She is Mariah....the elusive chanteuse (or whatever else she almost named her album slash should have named her album). Meaning that she is the diva with the uber-voice who makes all executive decisions involving her tour. And who am I, then? I. I am Mallory Schlossberg....the elusive shower chanteuse...who will continue singing this oldie but goodie when I am alone in my apartment:

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