Tiny Kittens Swaddled In Tiny Socks!

Experiencing a Monday midday slump? Then may we suggest looking at these tiny kittens swaddled in baby socks? That was a powerhouse sentence of adorable words. Tiny. Kittens. Swaddled. Baby. Socks. We may have just broken the cute meter. But before you send a mass email to everyone you know, get to know these brave kittens. They're not wearing tiny socks just for fun — what do you think, that cats are here on this planet for our amusement? (Actually, that's a whole other debate we'll save for a whole other article.) There's a story to these little sock-wearing squirts.

When they were found in Osterley, London earlier in August, George and Elton were in pretty bad shape. Their previous owners had cruelly abandoned them in a shed at just a few weeks old. Luckily, they were discovered and brought to the RSPCA's Putney Animal Hospital, where Katrina Devita, a vet nurse, took them home to hand-raise.

Devita noticed that the kittens would suckle each other in their sleep, a habit they developed because they were separated from their mom and weaned too early. However, their suckling was making each other sore, so Devita came up with a brilliant idea to protect the youngsters: She would turn baby socks into tiny kitten onesies. Yes — tiny kitten onesies.

George and Elton are doing fine now and will be up for adoption in about a month, but will have to be kept together because they are so close. This is good news for prospective adopters because two kittens in sock outfits makes way more sense than one lone kitten wearing a sock onesie. You know?

George and Elton's story of resilience and courage got us wondering: Have other cats worn socks? Is this a trend that we don't even know about? If so, it's about time we uncovered it. Happy Monday!