Kim Kardashian Says “Let Me Sleep!” on Instagram, Doesn’t See the Irony of the Statement — PHOTO

You guys, Kim Kardashian just wants to get some sleep, okay? So, quit bothering her by taking her photo when she's resting her eyes and forcing her to post said photo to Instagram. It's so rude! The woman's tired for crying out loud. Let her sleep! Whilst on a relaxing, much-needed vacay at model citizen Joe Francis' home in Mexico, Kardashian posted a bikini picture to Instagram, which totally inadvertently, happened to have her best asset in full view, along with the caption, "Let me sleep!!!!" The quadruple exclam tells you she means business.

Joking aside, if you really want to take Kardashian's 'gram at face-value, as opposed to assuming it's a poorly-disguised ploy to get us all to admire her butt, what is keeping Kim Kardashian from sleeping in this photo? The environment looks ripe for a nap to me. Warm sunshine, palm trees, a comfy lounge chair. Why are you awake, Kim? My guess is one of these five things are going on off-camera and that's why the poor woman is still up.

1. North is the person taking the photo of her mother. And she's screaming her head off, as 1-year-old's are wont to do.

2. There's a jackhammer blasting next door.

3. Kris Jenner made an impromptu visit to Casa de Francis and is going over a long itinerary of things she wants to do with Kim right now.

4. Kim just did a bunch of coke and drank four Pepsis.

5. Kim just watched the finale of The Leftovers on Hulu and can't stop thinking about it.

Or, you know, she's on Instagram. That'll definitely keep you up.

Image: Kim Kardashian/Instagram