You'll Be Psyched About Starbucks' New Drink

by Alanna Greco

In a move that will garner as much resentment as excitement, your favorite coffee chain is opening a second location in Brooklyn's hip Williamsburg neighborhood — and the Williamsburg Starbucks will be serving alcohol. The addition of wine and beer to the beverage menu is part of the coffee giant’s larger plan to add a savory food menu and alcoholic beverages to thousands of stores.

This will be among the first batch of locations to offer the expanded menu, and it also plans on serving fancy and more expensive reserve coffee in a move that is thought to be competitive with the neighborhood’s independent coffee houses and smaller chain cafes.

A representative of the coffee chain told The Brooklyn Paper, “Just as every customer is unique, so are our stores and we consider a broad range of products and services for each location.” However, Williamsburg residents don’t seem too keen on Starbucks. The first location, on Union Avenue and Ainslie Street, opened to a lackluster start and harsh critique from local businesses and residents who worry about the corporatization of the neighborhood.

Even though 30 of the coffee chain’s locations already serve wine and beer (who knew?), it’s hard to imagine getting a drink with friends at the same place where you grab coffee in the morning. I don’t want to be getting my buzz on near a family of tourists taking refuge for the hour, nor do I want to be subjected to a bar-like atmosphere when my Internet is down and I am trying to get work done. Luckily for Williamsburg residents, you can always go to the other location.

Image: Fotolia