Eminem & Sia's 'Equalizer' Song Will Be Intense In The Best Possible Way — VIDEOS

May The Summer of Sia never end: A new Eminem song featuring Sia is about to be released into the wild. "Guts Over Fear," which was recorded for upcoming Denzel Washington action movie The Equalizer, will be available on iTunes on Aug. 25. Am I excited for this Eminem and Sia song? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. [Gently pinches face.] Oh, you!

Though the full song has not yet made its way onto the Internet, parts of "Guts Over Fear" have appeared in two of the trailers for The Equalizer. The first trailer (which was released back in June) showcases one of Sia’s parts from the song, and the second trailer (which dropped last Friday) highlights one of Eminem’s parts. Put ‘em together and what have you got? A fairly hefty preview of “Guts Over Fear.” Hand me my bib, because I am eating these snippets right up. I see an intense, slam-dunk hit of a tune in the near-future. No, I don't have a crystal ball. No, I can't read tea leaves. Here's what's fueling my prediction:

"Beautiful Pain"

Eminem's aggro/sensitive/intense delivery of the verses and Sia's sad/hopeful/intense delivery of the chorus are incredibly effective together in 2013's "Beautiful Pain":

Those two really know how to bring the feeeeeelings and the draaaamaaaa, eh?

I'm ready for "Eminem & Sia Take It To 11, Round 2," aka "Guts Over Fear."

It's Eminem & Sia

I repeat: It's EMINEM AND SIA. I may not love everything Eminem does, but I'd be a bag of nuts to say he doesn't know what he's doing. Dude's been hitting us with hits since '99.

And don't even get me started on Sia.

Uh, It Sounds Freakin' Great In The Trailers

Maybe I’m just a sucker for all things Sia (guilty as charged), but her voice has me like:

And that beat has me like:

And Em's verses have me like:

Check out a sneak peek of "Guts Over Fear" (and the trailer for The Equalizer) here:

And here:

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