Meredith Is The Benefactor On 'Teen Wolf' & Absolutely No One Saw This Coming

Well, that was a surprise. In Monday night's episode of Teen Wolf titled "Perishable," Stiles and Lydia finally discovered that Meredith is The Benefactor. WTF? That's right, Lydia's fellow banshee who was supposedly dead due to a suicide is Teen Wolf Season 4's big bad villain. Lydia was completely devastated after Meredith's "death" and that caused her to look into the death and Meredith's connection to her family. That information led to Meredith's reveal, but how exactly did Stiles and Lydia discover Meredith's secret?

From the start of the episode, Lydia and Stiles tried to find out what connection Lydia's grandmother had to the dead pool. Lydia thought the worst, that her grandmother Lorraine was the Benefactor or was at least working for the Big Bad. After finding out that the code she found was a list of people who committed suicide in Beacon Hills, the two friends made their way to Stiles' old stomping grounds, Eichen House, to find old records from the patients. But instead of pouring through dusty files for hours, Lydia and Stiles got their answer to new dead pool question from Eichen House orderly Brunski. Apparently, the jerk who gave Stiles a hard time during his stint there has been killing his patients in what he saw as an "Angel of Death"-type scenario. For a while Lydia believed he had killed Meredith as well, since he was the one who "discovered" her death.

For a while it seemed as though Brunski was the Benefactor, but after discovering his actions, it seemed Jeff Davis and the Teen Wolf writers were throwing us a red herring as the real big bad villain was revealed to be Meredith. Brunski was shot and killed by Parrish, who had discovered that Brunski was the discovering and caring for the patients whose deaths had been reported as suicides. But Brunski never killed Meredith, as Lydia believed. Instead, Brunski revealed as he was dying that he was being controlled by someone at the House, and suddenly Meredith stepped out of the shadows and revealed her villainous secret. The episode ended with Meredith revealing that while Brunski was never on her list, he was "a bad man." Guess that means she thinks his death was justified? Even though she's evil, I don't necessarily disagree with that.

So what's in store for Lydia, Parrish, and Stiles now that they know The Benefactor's identity? We don't yet know the answer to that question, but it can't end well.

Images: MTV; badassbraeden/Tumblr