Kevin Hart Is Engaged!

by Ashley Adams

It looks like congratulations are in order for a certain comedian. Kevin Hart is engaged to Eniko Parrish, his girlfriend of five years. The comedian/movie star asked the model/actress (it's always fun to write about not one, but two people who are not one, but two things you'll never accomplish) to marry him Monday night, during a birthday celebration for Parrish, who in addition to getting engaged last night, also turned 30. Apparently Parrish not only doubles up on professions, but also on life milestones.

Now asking someone to marry you is a BFD. Like the B-est of FDs. So I'm sure that before popping the question, he discussed the matter with a panel of experts (aka his married friends), and they probably gave advice that was varying shades of helpful. (You just know there was someone who started the conversation with, "Well, do you love her?" Great place to start, thanks!) But I have to wonder — did Hart go to himself for advice? After all, this will be Hart's second marriage. He was previously married to Torrei Hart (whose new VH1 show, Celebrity Exes, also premiered Monday night, interestingly enough). And while that marriage ended after seven years (and some cheating rumors), it produced a great deal of standup material on marriage and relationships that will, Internet willing, last forever.

I like to think that before Hart got all caught up in the proposing part (which is adorable, thank you person who I sincerely hope is Hart's friend posting that video with his permission), he sat down, had a nice cold beer, and listened to someone who knows a thing or two about marriage — Kevin Hart. If his standup is to be believed, Hart may not exactly be the patron saint of marital bliss, but no one can speak to Kevin Hart quite like Kevin Hart.


I'm sure that Hart and Parrish have talked about his commitment to the PlayStation lifestyle. Spoiler alert: Kevin Hart takes PlayStation seriously. He studies.


Let's just hope that Hart and Parrish are past the synchronized juice sipping phase.


Lucky for Parrish, she shouldn't have any trouble figuring out when Hart might be lying to her. Basically, any combination of Benjamin Button and deerbra = red flag.

Congrats, you two! And Eniko, be sure to study those standup tapes!