Chanel's Front Row Is Always Looking Fine

If Coco Chanel was still alive today, she'd be turning 131.

She opened her first boutique, when she was still in her twenties (!!!). Did you know that she started as a milliner? Now, her brand (which is currently helmed by the infamous Karl Lagerfeld) is more known for its quilted handbags, fragrances, and the beautiful gowns that seem ubiquitous on today's red carpets — but way back in the day, it started as a hat shop. Food for thought, eh? Oh, and get this: Before turning to fashion, Ms. Chanel had stage aspirations (don't we all)! Having never seen the very popular, Audrey Tatou-helmed Coco Before Chanel , this was all news to me.

Anyway, now Coco Chanel's eponymous brand is one of the oldest and most respected innovators in the fashion world. Their front row attendees always have some of the coolest outfits (Kristen Stewart's mesh harem pants notwithstanding) — and as such, I've made a list of some of the best recent (most from within the last five years) front row ensembles.

1. Olga Kurylenko

Basic, yes, but also? Just plain cool.

2. Rihanna

Sometimes, there's nothing better than sneakers paired with couture — especially when there's a futuristic, alien-like vibe going on.

3. Rila Fukushima

I'm kind of in love with the craziness of her jacket.

4. Keira Knightley

This optical illusion-like dress is something of a head-scratcher, but no one does gaminesque sailor better than Ms. Knightley here.

5. Hailee Steinfeld

This look is bananas (someone please stop me from singing "Hollaback Girl"), but it's also kind of awesome, right? There's something very Gossip Girl meets Clueless about it.

6. Clemence Poesy

If the last look was Upper East Side meets Beverly Hills, this one is pure updated Heathers.

7. Clemence Poesy Pt. 2

Clemence Poesy might just be Chanel's MVP: She looks amazing at pretty much every one of their runway presentations. I mean, those buckled shoes? With that tweed skirt and cropped jacket? Perfection.

8. Kiko Mizuhara

Looks very wood-nymph, and her shoes look like they could literally kill someone.

9. Lily Collins

I love nothing more than mixed materials, especially when one of those materials is sparkly.

10. Alexa Chung

If Clemence Poesy is MVP, Alexa Chung is the JV MVP. She does Chanel right (and I'm obsessed with her strappy shoes).

11. Rose Byrne

Pretty, with a funky Chanel twist — don't you love the print?

Images: Getty Images (12)