Will She Take the Ice Bucket Challenge? Doubt It.

We have officially reached peak ALS Ice Bucket Challenge saturation, folks: Gisele Bundchen nominated Anna Wintour, along with Shakira and Mario Testino, to participate in the awareness raising campaign. Do I think dumping ice water on one's head is really doing ALS sufferers any favors? No. Do I want to see Anna Wintour flatten her famous blowout by doing so? Absolutely.

Bundchen posted her ice bucket video to Instagram on Monday in which she looks foxy and Brazilian (as per usual) in denim cutoffs and a striped tank top. She even styled her hair in a messy side-braid for maximum adorability pre-and-post wetness. But the most exciting part of the vid has got to be her selecting Wintour to be next up.

Now, there's almost no way the famous Vogue editor will step up to the challenge. I sense that she might graciously donate more money than most of us make in a year to the cause without giving us the pleasure of an ice bucket video. But what a pleasure it would be! My ideal Anna Wintour bucket challenge would take place in the Vogue offices. She'd have her hair perfectly done and be wearing sunglasses (natch!) and a statement necklace. She would remain calm until the moment the water came in contact with her head and then... she'd crack a smile. All the while clutching a Vogue September issue to her chest.

What do you say, Anna? You down for the bucket challenge?

Guess not. Better luck next challenge, I suppose. In the words of BryanBoy:

Image: Giphy